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Diagnostic ultrasounds

Ultrasound, also called sonography, is an imaging method that uses sound waves to procedure images of structures within your body. It is one of the most common imaging tests. An ultrasound images can provide valuable information for diagnosing, for guidance during a variety of procedures, such as biopsies and monitor the progress of the pregnancy. Ultrasound is safe, painless and highly accurate procedure.

Ultrasound is used for many reasons, including:

  • diagnose gallbladder, liver and pancreas disease;
  • diagnose benign and malignant pathology of the breast;
  • diagnose benign and malignant pathology of the thyroid gland;
  • find kidneys, urinary track or prostate problems;
  • detect cardiovascular pathology;
  • pregnancy.


Ultrasound of the thyroid and neck lymph node60 Eur
Ultrasound of the salivary glands60 Eur
Ultrasound of the carotid arteries of a neck69 Eur
Ultrasound of the joint (1 area – shoulder, elbow, etc)55 Eur
Ultrasound of the breast with regional lymph nodes75 Eur
Ultrasound of the breast implants65 Eur
Ultrasound of the peripheral lymph node (1 area – neck, supraclavicular, axillary, inguinal, etc.)45 Eur
Ultrasound of the peripheral lymph node (2 areas or more – neck, supraclavicular, axillary, inguinal, etc)100 Eur
Echocardiogram70 Eur
Echocardiogram (Ph.D)100 Eur
Ultrasound examination for women (thyroid gland, breasts, liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, bladder)150 Eur
Transvaginal ultrasound65 Eur
Ultrasound examination for men (thyroid gland, liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, bladder, prostate)150 Eur
Urogenital ultrasound (kidneys, adrenal glands, bladder, prostate, testicles)70 Eur
Abdominal ultrasound (gallbladder, liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys)75 Eur
Ultrasound of the soft tissues (skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles, tendons, ligaments)50 Eur
Ultrasound of arteries or veins in the legs (or arms)100 Eur
Ultrasound fees for pregnant womenPrice
Fetal ultrasound75 Eur
Fetal cardiac echocardiography75 Eur
Fetal cardiotocography40 Eur
Ultrasound of the cervix in pregnancy20 Eur
Ultrasound image5 Eur
Interventional ultrasound feesPrice
Ultrasound guided aspiration biopsy of the breast (price with cytological examination)100 Eur
Ultrasound guided breast biopsy (price with histological examination)220 Eur
Ultrasound guided thyroid biopsy (price with histological examination)180 Eur
Ultrasound guided soft tissue (skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle) biopsy110 Eur
Ultrasound guided lymph node biopsy110 Eur