Kipras Mikelis

Fields of interest: interventional radiology, diagnostic ultrasound, biopsies of breast, thyroid and skin lesions.

K. Mikelis has been working as a radiologist since 2022. He received his medical education at Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine. He has gained a wide range of experience working at the interventional radiology centre of Vilnius University Hospital, Santaros Clinic.

The doctor constantly improves his qualification, participates in national and international conferences and seminars every year.

Ultrasound of the breast with regional lymph nodes75 Eur
Ultrasound guided aspiration biopsy of the breast (price with cytological examination)100 Eur
Ultrasound guided breast biopsy (price with histological examination)220 Eur
Ultrasound guided soft tissue (skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle) biopsy
110 Eur
Ultrasound of the soft tissues (skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles, tendons, ligaments)50 Eur
Ultrasound examination for women (thyroid gland, breasts, liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, bladder) 150 Eur
Ultrasound examination for men (thyroid gland, liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, bladder, prostate)150 Eur
Languages: lithuanian, english, russian.
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