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Physiotherapist services

Physiotherapy is a branch of medicine that nowadays seems to be indispensable for relieving pain, relaxing muscles or improving the functioning of the human body systems. Lifestyles and co-morbidities mean that we increasingly need massages, rehabilitation and therapies of all kinds. Physiotherapy also plays a key role in post-operative recovery. Our team of specialists guarantees safe and effective treatment by experienced, certified physiotherapists.

Our aim is to improve patients' health and quality of life, their well-being and their ability to function in everyday life by providing comprehensive and effective treatment and rehabilitation.

Experienced and highly qualified specialists can help with:

  • back pain;
  • neck pain and headaches;
  • shoulder problems;
  • knee, ankle and foot pain;
  • arthritis;
  • repetitive strain injuries;
  • post-operative rehabilitation;
  • work-related injuries;
  • chronic pain.


Consultation of a massage therapist N. Bartosevič                 65 Eur
Repeated consultation of a massage therapist N. Bartosevič50 Eur
Consultation of a physiotherapist D. Feoktistovas65 Eur
Repeated consultation of a physiotherapist D. Feoktistovas50 Eur
Massages30 min60 min90 min
Full body classical massage35 Eur60 Eur80 Eur
Full body relaxation massage30 Eur55 Eur75 Eur
Therapeutic massage of the neck and spinal area25 Eur45 Eur60 Eur
Therapeutic chest massage25 Eur45 Eur60 Eur
Therapeutic massage of the waist, sacrum and buttocks25 Eur45 Eur60 Eur
Lower limb massage30 Eur55 Eur75 Eur
Upper limb massage30 Eur55 Eur75 Eur
Therapeutic head massage25 Eur45 Eur60 Eur
Abdominal therapeutic massage25 Eur45 Eur60 Eur
Lymphatic drainage massage of the lower limb35 Eur60 Eur80 Eur
Upper limb lymphatic drainage massage35 Eur60 Eur80 Eur
Anti-cellulite massage30 Eur55 Eur75 Eur
Kinesio Taping20 Eur--