Domantas Feoktistovas

Fields of interest: primarily focuses on rehabilitation treatment for patients with oncological diseases after surgical operations. Applies therapeutic physical exercises in the treatment of the spine, muscles, and joints. Creates specialized therapeutic exercise programs, performs taping, and can provide advice on physiotherapy, massage, and wellness issues.

As a physiotherapist Domantas Feoktistovas has been working since 2020. He has gained versatile experience working at the National Cancer Institute's (NCI) Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center.

An experienced specialist continually improves his qualifications, participating in national and international conferences and seminars every year.

Consultation of a physiotherapist D. Feoktistovas65 Eur
Repeated consultation of a physiotherapist D. Feoktistovas50 Eur
Languages: lithuanian, english, russian
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