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Dermatologist consultation and services

In our clinic, you will receive professional help from a dermatologist specializing in the treatment of various skin diseases and benefit from optimally selected treatments. We specialize in aesthetic procedures, as well as in the treatment of severe chronic skin diseases (such as acne, atopic dermatitis), and in the diagnosis and treatment of skin abnormalities (atypical pigmented moles, pre-cancerous skin diseases, skin cancer, melanoma). All procedures are performed by qualified and experienced dermatologists and oncologists. In the clinic, we work only with tested and certified devices and products to ensure the best results after the procedure.

Aesthetic dermatology

In our clinic, we perform aesthetic medical procedures aimed at preserving the beauty of our skin despite the passage of time. Aesthetic medicine procedures are performed only by qualified dermatologists. All aesthetic dermatology treatments are tailored to the patient's needs and expectations and are discussed in detail with the patient prior to the procedure. We only work with proven, certified products to ensure the best results after the procedure. Aesthetic medicine treatments not only eliminate the problem, but above all help to delay skin ageing. So don't wait too long before the signs of ageing appear, because this inevitable process can be delayed with the right procedures.

Skin diseases

At our clinic, we offer comprehensive diagnosis and effective treatment. We are well aware that skin problems very often have a complex and difficult to identify background. It is therefore very important to make an accurate diagnosis and apply the appropriate treatment. Genetic factors, health predispositions, as well as excessive stress, skin and food allergies or an overly fast-paced lifestyle can all contribute to skin abnormalities.

Experienced and highly qualified dermatologist can help with:

  • atopic dermatitis;
  • rosacea, juvenile and adult acne;
  • hyperpigmentation;
  • fibromas;
  • psoriasis;
  • moles;
  • bacteriological and viral skin infections.


The clinic's team of dermatological oncologists diagnoses and treats benign skin pathology, pre-cancerous skin disorders and malignant skin pathology (melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma). We use highly accurate equipment and advanced techniques for skin cancer diagnosis, which allow us to detect the problem in the early stages of its development.

Our aim is to provide all the care you need when faced with this type of problem. We want to make it easy for you to get the best quality treatment and care in Vilnius.

Skin cancer is the most common form of malignancy worldwide. Today, the disease ranks fourth in global disease statistics, and the number of patients is steadily increasing every year. Around 1800 new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in Lithuania every year, two thirds of them in women and one in men.
Early diagnosis improves outcomes for all skin cancers, which is why our team of dermatological oncologists encourages all patients to familiarize themselves with the signs of skin cancer and to come for routine screenings. Once cancer is detected, our specialists will work with you to develop an individual treatment plan and follow you throughout the treatment process.

In addition to regular skin cancer screening, it is important to know what to look out for at home and to check your skin frequently. Knowing the ABCDE criteria for skin cancer can help you when checking your skin at home:

  • A (Asymmetry) – mole that is asymmetric
  • B (Border) – mole with edges that are blurry or irregular
  • C (Color) – mole that has often more than one color or shade
  • D (Diameter) – mole that is in diameter larger than 6 mm
  • E (Elevation) – mole that changes over time
Consultation of a dermatologist Dr. E. Zubrickienė80 Eur
Repeated consultation of a dermatologist Dr. E. Zubrickienė60 Eur
Remote video consultation of a dermatologist Dr. E. Zubrickienė80 Eur
Consultation of an dermatooncologist Dr. G.Byčius80 Eur
Repeated consultation of an dermatooncologist Dr. G.Byčius60 Eur
Diagnostic proceduresPrice
Skin "punch" biopsy80 Eur
Histopathological examination85 Eur
Cytological examination80 Eur
Diagnosis of fungal or bacterial diseases50 Eur

Aesthetic Dermatology:

Botulinum toxin injectionsPrice
Horizontal forehead wrinkles130-150 Eur
"Anger" wrinkles110-150 Eur
"Goose foot" wrinkles130-150 Eur
Nose wrinkles70-90 Eur
Vertical lips wrinkles80 Eur
"Bunny smile"60-80 Eur
Chin are60-80 Eur
Neck area160-200 Eur
Botulinum toxin injection for bruxism200-300 Eur
Hyperhidrosis treatmentPrice
Increased sweating treatment in both underarms280-400 Eur
Increased sweating treatment in either palms or feet450-550 Eur
Lip enhancing with hyaluronic acid injectionPrice
Lip augmentation, correction220-260 Eur
Lip contouring and correction200-240 Eur
Hyaluronidase160 Eur
Face contouring with hyaluronic acid injectionsPrice
Nasolabial correction250-300 Eur
"Marionette" wrinkles260-300 Eur
Chin correction320-350 Eur
Jawline correction500-560 Eur
Jalupro Super Hydro (2,5ml) 265 Eur
Jalupro HMW (2,5ml) 245 Eur
Neauvia Hydra Deluxe (2,5ml)265 Eur
Redermalisation Kaina
Redermalization with succinic acid (1ml) – XELA REDERM (1,10%)185 Eur
Redermalization with succinic acid (2ml) – XELA REDERM (1,10%)245 Eur
Redermalization with succinic acid (1ml) – XELA REDERM (1,80%)200 Eur
Redermalization with succinic acid (2ml) – XELA REDERM (1,80%)255 Eur
Redermalization with succinic acid (1ml) – XELA REDERM (2,20%)220 Eur
Redermalization with succinic acid (2ml) – XELA REDERM (2,20%)275 Eur

Removal of skin derivatives

Radiosurgical removal of skin derivativesPrice
Removal of a mole or keratosis in the facial area (1 pcs.)70-100 Eur
Removal of a mole or keratosis in the body area (1 pcs.)90-110 Eur
Removal of a papilloma (1 pcs.)30 Eur
Removal of a papilloma (2-5 pcs.)60 Eur
Removal of a papilloma (6-10 pcs.)100 Eur
Removal of a papilloma (>10 pcs.)150 Eur
Removal of a papilloma (>20 pcs.)200 Eur
Removal of warts30-90 Eur
Surgical removal of skin derivativesPrice
Surgical treatment of skin benign and malignant tumor300-600 Eur
Scar removalPrice
Radiosurgical scar removal200-400 Eur
Kenalog injections70-100 Eur