Privacy policy

1. General provisions

1.1. The Terms of use and the terms and conditions of use of the web site, as well as the basic principles of collecting, processing and storing personal data on the basis of which the Site Owner is a company Joint Stock Company "Per Aspera", company code 300590810, address J. Ralio str. 4, Vilnius (hereinafter referred to as the web site), the rules of use and privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules or Privacy Policy"), are regulated by the Web site hereinafter referred to as the "Manager"), manages the personal data of the visitors of the Web site (the "Visitor").

1.2. All visitors to the Site, by accessing the Site and (or) using it, confirm that they are properly familiar with the Terms and agree that the Manager will manage the information provided by Visitors (including personal data) to the extent necessary for the management and functioning of the Website and for the provision of the Website Services. A visitor who does not agree with any Privacy Policy shall grant access to the Site, access to and use of all and / or any of the Services provided on the Site.

1.3. Website Services are Customer Service Information and Customer Information Services (hereafter referred to as "Website Services"), which include information about events, pricing, services provided, Company activities, results, news, and provision.

1.4. The Manager has the right to unilaterally change the Rules by posting it on the Web site. Changes to the rules come into force on the day they are published on the Website. If, after the Substitution or addition of the Rules, the Visitor continues to use the Services of the Site, the Visitor accepts the new version of the Rules.

2. Collection of information

2.1. We collect (and can collect) Visitor information:
2.1.1. who fills a contact, feedback or appointment with the doctor form - we collect information about the Visitor's name, email address, visitor's visits and use of this Web site, including the visitor's IP address, the time and date of visit this Site;
2.1.2. any other information that the Visitor may submit to the Company at any time, using the Company's Web site, or by contacting the Company's representatives.

2.2. The Company receives personal data directly from the Visitor or:
2.2.1. from legal entities where the Visitor is the representative, employee, contractor, founder, shareholder, participant, owner, etc. of the following legal entities;
2.2.2. from business partners that are related to the Company's activities or other legal entities with whom the Company cooperates;
2.2.3. from public data files available online.

2.3. Upon registration, the Visitor gives his consent to the Manager to collect and process the personal data submitted by the Visitor in order to provide the Manager with the Visitor's subscribed news, publications, offers and information on seminars, promotions, etc.

3. Data utilization

3.1. Personal data collected by the Manager is used exclusively for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy in order to:
3.1.1. The Manager will give the Visitor access to the Website of the Manager and the services provided;
3.1.2. The Manager will offer Priority to the Visitor's products or services tailored to the Visitor (including from related third parties) who may be interested in it, based on Visitor's Order History and Behavior. The manager can also contact the Visitor and offer to participate in customer surveys, events, contests;

3.2. The visitor's data will be stored for no longer than the specified data processing objectives and no longer than 3 (three) months after the last Visitor's visited the Website.

4. Visitor Rights

4.1. Receive a confirmation from the Manager that the Manager is processing his or her personal data and, if so, to obtain access to and access to his / her personal data;

4.2. Require the Administrator to correct inaccurate Visitor's personal data;

4.3. Require the Administrator to remove Visitor's personal data ("right to be forgotten");

4.4. Disagree with the Visitor's personal data processing;

4.5. Require the Administrator to restrict the processing of Visitor's personal data;

4.6. Require that you transfer your personal data to another data controller or submit it directly to the Administrator in a convenient form.

4.7. In all matters concerning data processing, the Visitor may contact the Manager with the following contacts. If the Visitor believes that his personal data are being processed illegally or that his rights related to the processing of personal data are violated, he has the right to apply to the State Data Protection Inspectorate and submit a complaint thereon. However, in all cases it is recommended to contact the Manager first before giving the supervisor an official complaint.

5. How to contact the manager?

5.1. By email:
5.2. Phone: +370 669 98818;
5.3. By coming to: J. Ralio str. 4, in Vilnius

6. Cookie policy

6.1. The manager uses cookies to make the Web site faster and more convenient for the visitor. Cookies are a small file that is sent and installed on the Visitor's computer. The Administrator uses the installed information to track visitor recognition and site traffic statistics.

6.2. The user has the option to view in his browser the information (cookies) that the Administrator installs, and to delete some or all of the installed cookies. By using the Web site, the Visitor can agree or disagree that his computer (device) records the administrator's default and statistical cookies. This consent may be revoked by the Visitor at any time by changing his Internet browser settings or by pushing the cookie icon in the right bottom corner of the webpage, but in this case certain Web site features may not work.

7. Final Provisions

7.1. The rules are subject to the law of the Republic of Lithuania. All disputes arising between the Site and the Visitor are resolved by negotiation. If the parties do not resolve the dispute by negotiation, such dispute is finally settled in the courts of the Republic of Lithuania according to the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

7.2. Upon request, the Administrator may modify this Privacy Policy by posting an updated version of the Privacy Policy here. We kindly ask you to frequently visit this section and get acquainted with the current version of the Privacy Policy.