Plastic surgeon

Jelena Romanova

Fields of interest: botulinum toxin injections for wrinkle correction and sweating reduction, hyaluronic acid injections for lip shape and facial contour correction, surgical mesosutures, PRP therapy. Aesthetic surgery:  blepharoplasty, otoplasty, scar correction, removal of benign lesions using radio frequency technology. 

Dr E. Romanova has been working as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon since 2007. She received his medical education at the Faculty of Medicine of Vilnius University. Since 2017 she has been a trainer of Art Filler injections, conducting seminars in Lithuania and abroad on the methods of using hyaluronic acid fillers in aesthetic medicine. She has performed over 10 000 aesthetic procedures. 

She is an experienced specialist who continuously improves her qualifications and participates in national and international conferences and seminars every year.

Consultation of plastic and reconstructive surgeon E. Romanova, MD90 Eur
Lip augmentation, correction220-260 Eur
Botulinum toxin injections: Horizontal forehead wrinkles130-150 Eur
Increased sweating treatment in both underarms 280-400 Eur
Biorevitalization: Jalupro Super Hydro (2,5ml)265 Eur
Redermalization with succinic acid (1ml) – XELA REDERM (1,10%)185 Eur
Vaginal dryness treatment200-270 Eur
Upper blepharoplasty800-1000 Eur
Ear plastic surgery (local anaesthesia)700-1000 Eur
Labiaplasty900 Eur
Scar removal with radiocautery200-400 Eur
Languages: lithuanian, english, polish, russian
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