Massage therapist

Norbert Bartosevič

Fields of interest: specializes in performing therapeutic massages. Has extensive experience working with patients after various surgeries - for the recovery of movement amplitude, muscle strength, and mobility.

Massage specialist N. Bartosevič has been practicing his skills since 2016. He obtained his massage therapist license at PWSZ im. prof. Edward F. Szczeniak in Suwałki, Poland, in 2016, and his kinesiotherapist license at the Academy of Lomża in 2019.

The experienced specialist constantly improves his qualifications, participating annually in national and international conferences:

  • holistic therapy with osteopathic and structural techniques for kinesiotherapists;
  • palpation anatomy;
  • functional manual therapy;
  • deep tissue massage; Spinal mobilization and manipulation;
  • vacuum cupping therapy;
  • PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation);
  • kinesiotaping;
  • hot stone therapy.
Consultation of a massage therapist N. Bartosevič  65 Eur
Repeated consultation of a massage therapist N. Bartosevič50 Eur
Full body classical massage35-80 Eur
Therapeutic massage of the waist, sacrum and buttocks25-60 Eur
Anti-cellulite massage30-75 Eur
Kinesio Taping 20 Eur
Languages: lithuanian, polish, english, russian.
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